the get



the get /T͟Hē get/ noun. 1. to be an asset, to bring value, you. 

THE GET'S CREATIVE TEAM is crew of women of color who are committed to social justice, living, and being free. We are inspired by LaVerne Cox's concept of "possibility models" and the growing representation of marginalized voices in all forms of social media. The Get is our effort to take up space, to share our voices, and to encourage our listeners to do the same. 

We're manspreading in the podcast world. Won't you join us? 



IVY @ivuoma is currently in a postdoc program on the East Coast. Though born in Nigeria, she moved at four months old to the US--still enough time to have immigration play games with her for far too long. She loves data and Facebook--and is very excited to be a part of this podcast, because now she has a hobby to talk about on first dates (watch out for #baewatch). 



RHIANA @rgunns said "Deuces!" to academia after she finished her Rhodes fellowship, only to end up doing research outside of the academy. She claims not to be masochistic. She's a proud Chicago Southsider who loves chicken, bamboo earrings, and Brené Brown. Though she's typically an accidental hustler, she is actively pursuing a career as a Kardashian.




MARTINE @martinepowers is the genius behind the splicing and the editing. She holds absolutely no opinions about anyone or anything ever, and simply enjoys editing out “ums” and listening to her friends throw shade. She's a journalist who's living in a new place every time we record, and she's available for hire to befriend K Wash, MJ Blige, and Taraji in an upcoming reality show based on their Apple commercial.


SHAHLA found us through her avid podcast listening on NYC subways. She's all about helping us choose episode topics and prepare for recordings. She's a proud south-central LA native and is actively focused on redistributing wealth and debating whether she should have another cup of coffee. If you know Nas well enough to make an introduction, she'd like to befriend you.